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Whether that's plans, building regulations or both, please select from the options below to be navigated to the correct drawings. If you need both, be sure to select from the final dropdown for a discounted price.
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This includes submission to your water supplier. If you are building over or near sewer pipes or manholes in your property you are required to apply to your water board on what your proposal is and how you intend to protect the pipes.
3D Drawings are not required for any application, but they do help visualise the space for your new project, our 3D package is an extra £249.00.
A scope of works is a document that is used in conjunction with your building regulation drawings. A schedule includes any additional work you require in the house as well as the new proposed extension, a correct schedule ensures that your builders are all quoting “like for like” and nothing is missed. Our handy template can be filled in to include every specific detail throughout the whole house.
Remember, measuring the site yourself is completely free. As long as the measurements are accurate we can work with them. If you'd like more information on how to measure your property you can refer to our guide. However, If you'd like for us to carry out a site survey we can source a local surveyor to carry out the work for you.
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