Building Acoustics

Sound Insulation
We provide sound insulation testing and offer our clients a simple and cost effective way to achieve compliance with Building Control requirements.


Acoustic Design

Our expertise in architectural acoustics allows us to specify constructions and detailing to meet client requirements, whether this is simply passing Building Regulations minimum requirements or achieving high levels of performance. We are able to specify glazing performances, provide advice on room acoustics and general noise mitigation measures.


Noise and Vibration Monitoring
We have pioneered remote monitoring with live web reports and alert systems including text and email alerts as well as visual alerts on site. Our low-cost solution allows you to monitor noise and vibration for the most critical situations.


Planning and Noise

New Residential Developments
Noise surveys are generally required for proposed developments (new builds or change of use) when located next to a noise source such as a busy road, rail line or industrial activities. We typically provide low fixed fees to undertake the required noise and vibration surveys where necessary in a view of preparing a noise assessment to support your planning application.


Plant Installations
Whether installing Air Conditioning units, condensers for refrigeration or standby generators, plant installations have the potential to lead to noise related complaints. In order to avoid this, Local Authorities require an “acoustic report” and noise assessment of the plant units to be installed. This is a service we provide on a daily basis at fixed, competitive rates.


Wind Turbine Noise Assessment
We provide cost effective wind turbine noise impact assessments, starting with a desktop review of proposals to assess the likelihood of achieving planning permission. Our desktop assessments and site surveys follow the recent IOA guide on wind turbine noise assessments and more generally comply with guidance set out in ETSU-R-97.


Noise Impact Assessments for Planning
Local Authorities now require supporting “acoustic reports” for most proposed developments or plant installations to assess the impact of and on the existing noise environment.


Places of Worship
As well as designing the acoustic performance of religious venues (controlling absorption and reverberation), we can provide full noise impact assessments for planning purposes. This is typically required in situations where there are residential properties close to or adjacent to the proposed premises.


Entertainment and Licensed Premises
Noise breakout and transmission from entertainment and licensed premises can be a significant planning stumbling block or a common cause of complaints. We can help by assessing the situation and providing effective mitigation advice.


Concerts and Festivals
Whether you require an assessment of the potential impact of an event or on the day noise monitoring, we have the team and expertise to provide you with the most cost effective way forward.


Health & Safety Services

Noise at Work Assessments
HSE and Noise at Work Regulations compliant assessments at very competitive rates and quick turnaround times. We cover the whole of the UK (and have already undertaken offshore work) and all types of work environments from small workshops to large factory floors.


Noise Mapping
We undertake noise mapping on a regular basis, dealing with small projects to city-scale redevelopments. Our expertise in this area means that we will produce a visual representation of noise propagation in addition to traditional acoustic calculations and assessments.


Noise Limiter Calibration
We can certify the correct setting of your premises noise limiter to satisfy your local enforcement officers that you are controlling noise levels adequately.


Expert Witness
Whether you require our expert advice for committee meetings or court cases, our experience allows us to confidently expose the facts relating to acoustics, always remaining objective in our approach.