Planning Permission

If you are planning a new build, extension, making a major change to your property, exceeding the limitations of Permitted Development; changing the use of the building, then you will need to complete a proposal and submit a planning application to your local planning authority.

Obtaining Planning Permission and preparing applications are a lengthy process. With our experience, we can navigate you through and eliminate the worry and time-consuming requirements, putting forward a convincing case so that you’re more likely to get planning consent granted.

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There are many things to question and consider when you are planning to develop, improve or extend your home.

Depending on the development project you wish to carry out, you may need to apply for Planning Permission or it may fall under Permitted Development. We feel it is extremely important to carry out thorough research or get in touch and discuss your proposal with your local property experts.

Planning permission is the legal process followed in order to decide whether proposed developments should be allowed to go ahead. Responsibility for planning lies with local planning authorities (usually, the planning department of the district or borough council). The legislation, policy and guidance that underpins planning in England can be found on the government’s.

Other than permitted developments, (which are considered to have insignificant impact), all developments require planning permission.

Detailed and outline planning applications  can be detailed or outline:

Outline planning applications can be used to find out whether a proposed development is likely to be approved by the planning authority before substantial costs are incurred developing a detailed design. Outline planning applications allow the submission of outline proposals, the details of which may be agreed as ‘reserved matters’ applications at a later stage. NB applying for outline planning consent may not fall within the scope of services for members of the consultant team unless it has been separately identified under ‘other activities’

Detailed planning applications submit all the details of the proposed development at the same time.