The UK’s Building regulations are Statutory Instruments that seek to ensure that the policies set out in the relevant legislation are carried out. Building Regulations Approval (BRA) is required for most building work in the UK. Building regulations that apply across England & Wales are set out in the Building Act 1984.

The detailed requirements of Building regulations in England (and Wales) are scheduled within 16 separate headings, each designated by a letter (“Part A” to “Part Q”), and covering aspects such as

  • workmanship
  • adequate materials
  • structure
  • waterproofing
  • weatherization
  • fire safety
  • means of escape
  • sound isolation
  • ventilation
  • safe (potable) water
  • protection from falling
  • drainage
  • sanitary facilities
  • accessible access
  • facilities for the disabled
  • electrical safety
  • security of a building (high speed broadband infrastructure)








  • Site preparation and resistance to contaminates and moisture



    • Resistance to the passage of sound