Building Information Modeling

What is Building Information Modeling (BIM) ?

Our comprehensive range of services includes: Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering and Expert Witness services, utilising cutting edge technologies, systems and processes such as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

With offices located in London Essex, we are strategically placed to deliver a complete service to our Local and National clients, whilst still maintaining a local presence to service our Regional clients.

Our philosophy of firstly understanding our individual client needs and aspirations leads to a practical approach of survey, plan, design and deliver to our clients’ vision into reality. This has enabled us to create and maintain strong relationships with a wide spectrum of clients. This is evident by the fact that over 85% of our work is repeat business from loyal clients which in turn allows us to maintain our growth strategy and attract high calibre individuals to complement our talented team.

Our strategic approach when embracing new technologies and ideas along with our decision to diversify into a multi-discipline design practice makes Rayan Group a market leader with a dedicated, vibrant and technical team of both Engineering and Architectural.

We are very proud that this approach has led to Rayan Group being appointed to the first publically procured BIM project and also receiving dual appointments from clients like JPDM and Belfield Click here to see a list of our key clients.


The Architectural Division of the Rayan Group is an Architectural Design Practice with ISO quality accreditation. We have a passion for the built environment which is at the heart of everything we do. Our team of Architect & Engineers is committed to provide outstanding customer service by exceeding client expectations and creating exceptional buildings.


Whether working on one-off prestigious designs or alterations to existing structures, the Engineering Division of the Rayan Group always seek to provide outstanding customer service by providing exceptional Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Services. We meet a wide range of complex challenges by analysing all the design and construction issues involved.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is currently gathering momentum, allowing for the creation of an intelligent 3D model and facilitating the user to insert accurate and detailed building/component information. It is changing the entire face of the construction industry across all levels, enabling projects and goals to be more readily achieved.

Here at Rayan Group we first adopted the use of Chief Architect and Revit to support the BIM process during the acquisition of our engineering division, which importantly fully supports our multi-disciplinary design practice, capable of coherent and fully coordinated design. Through development and known working processes, Rayan Group have been able to demonstrate to our clients a true model of their projects, which can allow access to all areas as they offer a great understanding of the actual ‘live form’. This proactive approach has led to clients embracing the benefits of BIM.

We have experienced the reaction of a client’s true understanding of our design solutions when presented to them in a 3D format, a medium to which they can relate. Clients can now input in to the design process with a greater understanding of how they want their building to function.

The collaborative nature of 3D modelling and BIM allows, during review of the design stages, to resolve inconsistencies via a series of clash detection exercises utilising Autodesk Navis Works prior to any construction works, which in turn will lead to real time and material savings.

As a consequence of Rayan Group commitment to BIM, we are underway to be part of the other international company in Architectural & civil engineering project.